KIESELMANN Aseptic tube connections


Aseptic tube connections

As an alternative to DIN 11853 and DIN 11864, KIESELMANN aseptic tube connections provide considerable advantages in technical respects and also regarding costs. The patented k-flex sealing system offers not only a 100 per cent hygienic safety, but also a much wider application spectrum compared to elastomers. Moreover, you can retrofit your DIN 11851 screw connections already built-in by means of a retrofit kit into an aseptic tube connection.

Dead space-free sealing positioning
Defined initial tension of sealing
     due to metallic stop
Zeroset radial centring
EHEDG certified to
     cleanability and sterilisation



KIESELMANN Aseptic retrofit kit
retrofit kit

Simple and cost-efficient
retrofitting of a pipe connection according to DIN 11851into an aseptic tube connection
KIESELMANN Aseptic tube union
tube union

Flexible, cost-efficient
connection to liner
and nut DIN 11851
  Aseptic tube connections     KIESELMANN Aseptic small flange connection
small flange connection

Easy assembly handling,
radial disassembly without
necessary axial
movement possible


Safe also with thermal and chemically critical individual cases
What are k-flex-seals?
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