KIESELMANN Double seat valves


Double seat valves


KIESELMANN double seat valves were developed according to the EHEDG criteria and are among the most modern leakage-proof valves of our time.

They are used for the mixture-safe separation of incompatible products in automatic process plants. The closed valve avoids mixture due to two independent valve disks with depressurized leakage discharge. In case of a damaged sealing, the process medium escapes from the valve without pressure. The leakage space can be cleaned by lifting the upper valve disk or lowering the lower valve disk respectively.

KIESELMANN double seat valves stand for low operating, maintenance and repair costs and are the basis for an economic process.

Pressure shock resistant
Leakage-free opening
Safe product separation
Optimal cleaning functions
High sealing service life

- Double seat valve
- Double seat reversing valve
- Piggable double seat valve
- Tank outlet valve


KIESELMANN Double seat valve

Safe product separation

Sizes DN 25-150, 1"-4"

With product contact 1.4404 / AISI 316L
No product contact 1.4301 / AISI 304

EPDM (SIP 140°C, 30 min.) FDA conform
HNBR (SIP 110°C, 30 min.) FDA conform
k-flex (SIP 150°C) FDS conform

Surfaces with product
Ra < 0,8 μm e-poliert

Operating pressure  
DN 25-100 10 bar
DN 125 / 150   6 bar

Vacuum 1,5 - 10-6 >(mbar × l/s)

Pressure shock resistance bis 40 bar
  (closed valve position)

Control air pressure 4,5-8 bar


KIESELMANN Double seat valve   KIESELMANN Double seat reversing valve   KIESELMANN Piggable double seat valve   KIESELMANN Double seat tank outlet valve
Double seat valves   Double seat reversing valves   Piggable double seat valve   Double seat 
     tank outlet valve


 Folder Hygiene

Leakage-free opening and closing avoids product losses and hygienic problems
What are k-flex-seals?
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