KIESELMANN Duplex pigging technology


Duplex pigging technology


The Duplex pigging technology guarantees safe product separation, or separation of product and water respectively. There is hardly any other method than the Duplex pigging technology with which costs and time can be verifiably saved at such short notice by specific investments. Valuable raw materials and large amounts of water can be saved owing to this technology, particularly during the cleaning cycles.

Duplex pigs can be moved without difficulty via customary DIN bend / tees and KIESELMANN ball valves, mix-proof double seat valves and double tube heat exchangers. They empty and thus clean the pipeline. The position of the pig can thus be monitored at any time, in all parts of the plant. KIESELMANN pigs can be applied in both directions, a manual removal or an additional return line is not necessary. They can be individually set to the medium to be moved, by adjusting the initial tension.

There is no problem to retrofit many already existing plants to this environmentally friendly technology.


Nominal widths:
DN 25 – 100
Material 1.4301 or 1.4404

Closed launching and receiving station for the
     integration in the cleaning cycles including  
     steam sterilisation

Cautious „parking“ of the pig during running-in into  
     the  stations through buffer systems

Cleaning-optimised flow guidance in the stations

Pig sensors in the final positions or at the pipeline

Sensor system for pig positioning

Leakage protection between the product ways with
     KIESELMANN leakage butterfly valves

Pig returnable via product/water/air

Retrofitting possible any time with the application of
     KIESELMANN automation components


KIESELMANN Duplex pigging technology

KIESELMANN Duplex pig launching station with pig garage
  Duplex pig launching station with pig garage
  KIESELMANN Duplex pig receiving station
  Duplex pig receiving station
KIESELMANN Duplex pig receiving station fully automatic

 Folder pigging technology

    Duplex pig receiving station fully automatic



Now aseptic version available. 


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